Enjoy the Open Sea 36 Meters at S.E.A Aquarium

One of the must-see attractions while at Resort World Sentosa, Singapore is S.E.A or South East Asia Aquarium. Here, visitors can enjoy more than 40,000 underwater animals that look at the Ocean Gallery with a length of 36 meters. In the sights built on November 22, 2012, you can see and obtain information about more than 120 species of animals that are there. If a visit to this place, there are some species that can not be missed to be immortalized. The first is a reef manta ray in which this fish has distinctive patterns in its stomach that are as unique as human fingerprints. Then, there is large tooth sawfish which is the snout of this fish serves to search, attract attention, to kill the prey. ? If you want to know more details about the rides, opening hours, and ticket prices can be seen at singapore attractions ticket wholesaler.

The last species is the goliath grouper, a fish whose original habitat is located in the Atlantic Ocean is 2.5 meters in length. The visitors S.E.A Aquarium was seen immortalize the photo with the background of the giant aquarium. Interestingly, the Ocean Gallery is accompanied by a slow tempo song that makes the visitors feel at home for long watching the attractions of the marine animals. Not a few visitors sitting around while watching thousands of fish moving to and fro. S.E.A Aquarium also always make themed events to continue to offer new variations for the visitors. Like during Chinese New Year, S.E.A. Aquarium held Gong Xi, Fa Cai. In addition to enjoying the Ocean Gallery, make sure you also stop by to see a variety of shark divers at the entrance, colorful coral, giant octopus, dolphin attractions, to dance jellyfish.