Three Roof Materials Commonly Used

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There is three most common roof material that people use, they are:

– Asphalt roof. Asphalt tile is made from a mixture of asphalt and other chemicals. There is two types available, namely asphalt tile rests on the flat type of multiplex attached to the order and types of corrugated.

1. Lighter than concrete or ceramic tile.
2. Can be used with an inclination of 22.5 degrees to 90 degrees.
3. Installation is easy and practical.
4. Fire-resistant and able to withstand wind pressure.
5. Having a choice of colours, covered with a layer of anti-fungal and anti-fade.

Asphalt tile weakness is the price relatively more expensive.

– Glass tile is used only for certain parts of it. If want natural light, so use glass tile in the room to be desired.
Advantages of Glass Tile:
1. Provide natural lighting
2. Glass has a modern look, making it perfect for those who love modern and minimalist style house.

The weakness of the glass roof:
1. Easy to break.
2. Excessive use will increase the temperature of the room below.

– Ceramic tile is made of ceramic but has undergone a process of finishing glazing. This tile is available in various colours and sizes. Its use is suited for modern residential rooftop balcony.
1. Durable and withstand the human load.
2. Colour durable because it is processed by the combustion temperature 1100 degrees.

Ceramic tile disadvantage
1. It’s required accuracy when mounting battens so that no leakage occurs in the home
2. Required minimum slope of 30 degrees so that rain water can flow perfectly.
3. Requires bolts during installation so as not to be separated as well as more powerful.